DS-K2M060 Hikvision Secure Door Control Unit
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DS-K2M060 Hikvision Secure Door Control Unit

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DS-K2M060 Hikvision Secure Door Control Unit is the interlayer between the access control terminal and the lock, including the door magnetic, the lock, the exit button and so on. It can be applied to keep the door closed when the door is damaged.


  • Communicates with the access control terminal via RS-485 to execute the commands from the terminal including open door, close door, normally open and normally closed
  • Collects the door magnetic signal, the exit button signal and the tamper-proof signal and send them to the access control terminal
  • Supports tampering Alarm
  • Supports RS-485 communication indicators to show the communication status
  • 4-ch DIP switch supporting ID NO. configuration
  • Supports a Wiegand interface to connect a Wiegand card reader to enter/exist access control terminal by swiping card
  • DS-K2M060 Specification 
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester